Saturday, February 4, 2012

If Thy Eye Offends Thee, Pluck It Out

And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell. "

-- Matthew 5:29-30

Apologies to the right eye, as it is innocent, I think.   But, it's my left eye that should be plucked out so that my whole body isn't cast into hell.  However, I am on a tear and may just want to pluck out both eyes for good measure.

I'm so annoyed with the  *%#*!!! left eye that I could just yank it out, throw it on the floor and kick it around like a soccer ball. 

I just got my new prism lens for my left eye:  1.5 diopter base down.  I got purple frames and was planning a glorious post on the joys of purple prisms.  I was imagining that I would be ascending into the glories of 3 dimensional vision and saying good bye to flat land.  But, alack and alas, it was not to be. 

Not all is bad and some things have improved.  I got glasses that fit my prescription for near and farsightedness; so it's good to be able to see road signs in the dark.  For the last month, I had been driving 80 miles home in the dark pretty much being guided by GPS.  Not cool.  I had been taking my glasses off while reading my iPad. Also, not cool.  So it's good to have the lenses for day to day stuff. 

I can also see more of the world around me.  I think this is due to the prisms.  For instance, I can see further down the Pennsylvania Turnpike and more of the beautiful vistas of Amish farm country around me.  When I went downtown through South Philadelphia, I could see that there are lovely mosaics on the buildings that I had missing all along.  Apparently, an artist called Isiah Za
Mosaic #1
Mosaic #1 (Photo credit: 1015 / J.L. McVay)
gar has been mosaicing South Street for the past 15 years and it is only now that I am seeing how many mosaics are on South Street. These are very beautiful Cubist-style mosaics reminiscent of Picasso.   They don't appear on any tourist map but are quite stunning to see.   In general, there's a lot of South Street that I have been missing.  
McDonald's store front on South Street, Philad...
McDonald's store front on South Street, Philadelphia (Photo credit: smedero)

However, I was expecting the world.  I went to vision therapy right after getting my new glasses and found that I wasn't doing the 4 dot Worth test as well as 
South Street Philadelphia
South Street Philadelphia (Photo credit: Retromoderns)
the other day.  I wasn't quite getting all my dots lined up and sometimes my stupid left eye was sitting down on the job. We fooled around with prisms and tried adding 1 more diopter to the right eye to make it 2 diopters based down (fatter end of the prism on top) and 1 base down/base up diopter to the left eye also 1 more diopter horizontally to the left or right eye.   Maybe the prisms aren't quite right.  Or my eyes are just flaking out.  Last time that I did the 4 dot Worth test, everything was lining up horizontally. No problem. Or maybe, if you add a base down prism to one eye, everybody else gets knocked around.  Who knows.  

Also, my left eye started suppressing and I could only see 2 dots sometimes.  Curse you, ya lazy, backsliding, backstabbing eye!  Get off your lazy duff!  Stop goldbrickin'!!!

My random dot stereogram test also slid backwards.  I only got 16 correct and 
Random dot stereogram
Image via Wikipedia
14 wrong on Base In.  I did much better the last time.  I had 28 correct and 7 wrong. 

Mentioned my concerns to Becky and she said that sometimes it takes a little bit of time for the eyes to get used to the prisms and that vision doesn't get automatically corrected.   You have to work at it. Sigh.  I was imagining it would be pouff! Done.  I was expecting Tibetan enlightenment where you are jetted from this world into the next instantaneously.  Instead, I am going to have to go through the cycle of rebirth until I finally reach the nirvana of 3d vision.

My other little vision therapy exercises went without problem.  We worked my accommodative system with flippers.   I did a search for the words in a sentence pretty quickly.  And did a visual reasoning exercise of finding the shapes that belong to the same group as the target group pretty well.  Missed one problem completely because I missed the hash marks on the tail of a shape.  If I hadn't bollixed up that problem, I would have really aced the exercise. Did the Michigan tracking test of looking for letters in the alphabet.  Finally, I did the aperture rule.  I can get all of one set of pictures done when I am only looking through a single hole.  I get stuck on cactus when I look through two holes.  

Another thing, I noticed is that my posture is shifting.  I got a neck ache on the way home.  I think that the lenses were getting my head into proper position. I started sitting up straighter in the car and I don't think my neck muscles were ready for that.  Also, on long drives,  I would often cock my left knee outwards.  Not very lady like.  But comfortable.  I think I was shifting my body around to keep my visual system in order.  With the prisms, I notice that I have been driving with my left leg straight.

Well. We shall see what the next few weeks bring.  Either I will grow into my new lenses or maybe I need to adjust the prisms.  We shall see.


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