Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Living Large

As she talked, I reflected on how gifted people are like this. We were created to live large. We possess all these overexcitabilities, intensity, energy, enthusiasm, humor, creativity, and charisma. We were born to command attention when we enter a room!
Live and at Large
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Yet how many of us do? For whatever reasons, many of us have made ourselves small, trying to cram ourselves into society’s prescribed box. Or if we just can’t help drawing attention with our entrances, we try to deflect the spotlight as soon as possible. Still others of us have said “talk to the hand” to society, continuing to be our full selves but removed entirely from anyone who might witness us. This, too, is a way we’re small, even invisible.

Gifted people were born to live large. YOU were born to live large! I double-dog dare you–nay, TRIPLE-DOG DARE you–to find what’s standing in the way of you throwing the door open, waving your hands in the air, and announcing “I’m here! Now the party can start!” the next time you enter a room. There’s only one person on this planet like you, and we enjoy you. So, please, for the rest of humanity, live large!