Thursday, February 2, 2012

Only Time

Who can say
where the road goes
where the day flowsonly time
Enya Cover 

Trying to get ahold of that elusive, evasive, effluent called Time. 

Did more time management work in occupational therapy with Wilma.  I decided on a mix of Toodledo and Iphone/Ipad calendars.  I think one of the things that has been screwing me up is that there is a difference between Planning and Scheduling.  

Toodledo 1
Toodledo App
Image by 铁蛋骑士 via Flickr
Planning gets lists of things to do.  Scheduling lays them out.  I have been trying to do both of them at the same time and doing none too successfully.

So I am hatching a new scheme.  I am using Toodledo app on the iPhone to enter tasks on the fly when I am running around and the Toodledo app on the iPad to bulk enter tasks.  I could do Toodledo on the web via my Mac if I chose but I am moving away from the Mac except for bulk tasks or w
riting my blog. Toodledo stores its data on a website so I can keep the iPhone and iPad in sync automatically.  

Online Todolist: Toodledo
ToodleDo on the Web
Image by yashima via Flickr
I subscribe to the Toodledo calendar on the Calendar app on the iPhone.  It can also present all the tasks in a spreadsheet so that I can look at all of them and check how I am setting priorities and deadlines.  Still doesn't let me see dependencies (stuff that depends on other stuff being done first) but is a good start.

I have to get Lion in order to get everyone to synch together.  I do tend to enter appointments in my iPhone calendar as I am often on the run. I don't want to put tasks in the iPhone calendar since it is way too small so I am leaving tasks in Toodledo on the iPhone.  However, I do want a global view on the iPad so I want my appointments to flow together with the tasks so I don't overload myself.

Wilma is pretty satisfied with this scheme except that I didn't get her definition of what the Highest Priority task should be.  Her feeling is that the "Top" tasks should be very urgent tasks with dire consequences if they don't get done.  I designated Top as the tasks that I wanted to get done this week; Wilma thinks that they should have been High as they weren't particularly urgent.  I just wanted to make sure I get some tasks done.  

Also, Wilma noted some of the tasks have multiple steps so I should make subtasks.

Finally, Toodledo has an automatic scheduler when I don't feel like populating my calendar.  I can always tweak the tasks after they have been plopped into place

Right now, I am using the system for the piddly tasks of day-to-day life.  I noted that I am not putting in the "Big Tasks" of the "Big Stuff" -- the dreams -- that I want to fulfill.  However, we both agreed one step at a time.  First work out a good system for piddly tasks and then put in the more complex tasks.

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