Sunday, February 19, 2012

Update on Vision Therapy 2/17/2012

My vision is doing better than what I last reported.  Maybe I just needed a week to settle into the new lenses  I got a retest on the Worth 4 Dot and with my new prism lenses I am doing much better.  I can do all the cards except the last two.  Yay!!!

I can do most of the clown  vectogram.  My therapists gave me a quoit (lasso) vectogram to take home and I can do it all with polarized glasses!

We worked with flippers again.  I am getting good at a lot of the games and we are running out of challenges.   I worked with some hand eye coordination and I am a bit slow on it, though.

Dr S wants me to work on vision in space.  So we will be doing other exercises.

I have also started doing RevitalVision at home.  Will blog more on this later.

Sorry about not blogging much lately but I have been really tired.

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