Friday, February 3, 2012

What You See Is What You Hit | Help ADD with Vision Therapy

Good athletes generally have sharper vision than poor athletes. The question is: Can athletes improve their vision? A local optometrist says they can.

John Palumbo rested his chin on a bar and fixed his eyes on a red cross at the center of a screen in front of him. For the moment, the red cross is all that is visible. The rest of the screen is the dark night of the soul. But presently little dots of light begin to flash on and off at random points on the screen. The dots flash in his “peripheral fields,” above and below the red cross on which Palumbo has been told to keep his gaze fixed, and to the left and right. Each time Palumbo sees one of the stars of light flicker on, he pushes a button. Meanwhile, the computer inside the machine prints a graph of his responses.