Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hubby's Journey Through His Cortex Continues

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Well, hubby is taking the same wild trip through his neurons as I.   I got him to see all my peeps (doctors and therapists)  and here's what they've found:

  • Vision:   Hubby has convergence insufficiency (his eyes point outwards) and eye tracking and teaming problems (his eyes don't move gracefully along a line of print, for example and they don't work together properly)
  • Motor SkillsHis bilateral skills (using both sides of the body) 
  • and dexterity are below average.   I have strongly suspected that there were problems with motor skills as his body language is not fluid.  Dexterity surprises me.  MIL was very clear about her boys being able to do things with their hands.  Hubby has some amazing skills when he chooses to use them.  He knows enough about houses and home repair to build a house.  He is a very good "boat elf"  and has done some beautiful boat repair.  Hubby has cut mats and framed pictures beautifully.  We have some McCreary prints that we bought on our honeymoon that He just awesomely framed and matted.  However, when you look at hubby all of this activity is occurring up in the brain and not in his body.  He can do things but he is actively thinking about them instead of having the aromaticity in his hands.  His processing speed is a little slower and so it takes him time to do things.
  • Hearing:   We've already covered in a previous post.  Hubby has high frequency drop off which means that he doesn't hear high pitched noises.  Also, he has Auditory Processing Disorder especially with sounds in noise and dichotic listening (stimulation of each ear simultaneously by different sounds).   
  • Attention:  Within the normal limits but lower than what the neuropsychologist would like for his level of education and intelligence.
Right now, the therapists are putting together a treatment plan.  Poor hubby is both a bit overwelmed and relieved at the same time.
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