Saturday, March 31, 2012

Joys of Tax Time and Therapy

Seal of the United States Internal Revenue Ser...
Seal of the United States Internal Revenue Service. The design is the same as the Treasury seal with an IRS inscription. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hubby and I have been plowing through our taxes.  I have been moaning and groaning all the way because of all the fun of sorting out medical expenses.

As my Gentle Readers can guess from my blog, I have a lot of medical deductions.  This involves the joy of sorting out what got covered with our Flex Spending Account, what reimbursements came in from insurance, and what we actually paid for out of pocket.  Since most of my therapy is out of network, I am having fun sorting out the entire mess.  Oufff!

Additionally, I have found that there are some indirect expenses that I can take off as well.  All the mileage too and from the doctors is deductible.  The IRS didn't make it easy for 2011.  They split the year in half:  19 cents for the first half of 2011, and 23.5 cents for the second half.    So I have been counting up the mileage to all my doctors.  As a huge chunk are on the other side of Philadelphia (natch), I have a 72 mile round trip to the doctors on the Main Line, a 100 mile round trip out to Glen Mills and a whopping 160 mile round trip out to Lancaster.  Even the local ones add up,  Doylestown is a 34 mile round trip but there are lots of visits out that away.   I haven't even started to include the tolls on the PA turnpike yet with Easy Pass.  We are amazed at what we can write off on just transportation.

I also found out that I can deduct meals eaten at a hospital or nursing home.  Also, I can deduct cost of staying overnight at a hotel (up to $50) for medical treatment.

I just can't wait till I am finished playing with the paperwork... Oy!
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