Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our Wild Divine

The grand Meditation Hall of the Burmese Buddh...
The grand Meditation Hall of the Burmese Buddhist Temple, Singapore. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When I take a step back and look at what's been happening to me and my husband since I started this blog, we have been going on a great inner journey.   Thus, the Journey Through The Cortex title.

However, this journey hasn't been totally one of just our sensory systems coming on line.  There has also been a spiritual side too.  For me, it has manifested itself in getting in touch with the more mystical side of Catholicism but also in doing more meditative activities.   Lately, Hubby has been getting more involved in meditation as well, too; but, in a different form.

Hubby has been doing a form of heart felt meditation that we learned in Assisi.  It differs from Buddhist meditation in that you look into your heart and concentrate on a feeling of love.  Sometimes, he also uses the emWave, a home based form of biofeedback.  The emWave is a pretty cool device as you sync your breathing with your heart rate and a positive emotional state.

Unfortunately, with tinnitus, being calm and empty doesn't work for me.  I just hear ringing in my ears and I get distracted.  So, I need something to focus on.  I do say the Rosary and Novenas but I have wanted to add a more physically based routine.   I have thought of adding emWave to my daily routine as I think I would get in a rather nice focused state.  However, I'd also like a little entertainment as well.  I've been doing these rather dull, repetitive exercises and it would be nice to have a little fun.

So, I found this game, Journey To the Wild Divine, which incorporates biofeedback into a fantasy game based loosely on a sort of hero's quest.  You develop meditation skills to gain greater control of unconscious bodily processes by observing and reacting to the changes in the game's various activities, which reflect the body's current state.  Journey to the Wild Divine comes with a  USB-based biofeedback reader. The device attaches to three fingers, and measures heart rate variability and skin conductance level. Heart rate variability measures the amount of variability between heart beats, which has been reported to be associated with various pathologic conditions. Skin conductance level indicates the amount of perspiration on the skin surface, which is a measure of stress in the body.  So, the game adjusts to the amount of disturbance in your body.

A number of holistic doctors and practioners,  Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, Jean Huston, and Dean Ornish , have collaborated on the game.  It's quite engaging to make the journey and Hubby and I enjoyed our first attempt at it.  Hubby is much better at controlling himself with his biorhythms than I so I handed over the controls to him.  I guess I have some catching up to do.

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