Monday, March 12, 2012

Thoughts on Integrated Listening System

Auditory pathway.
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Just finished a 10 day trial of Integrated Listening System's (ILS) Auditory portion.

I have done really well on Auditory Figure Ground, Dichotic Listening, Syllables and  Filtered Words.  Did the max of each portion without any problems except for 1 very tough exercise in Dichotic Listening where words are piped into both ears and you have to repeat both of them.  This exercise is tough for folks with normal hearing so I don't feel too bad.  No problems with reading to music or Tongue Twisters either.

I don't do too well on humming and toning.  I am off key much of the time.

Also, I don't do too well with Auditory Memory.  I have a few problems with repeating back four unrelated words and I really screw up on five unrelated words.  This is a similar problem to the issues that I have had on similar exercises in Posit Science's Brain Fitness program and BrainTrain's Captain's Log program.  Both my audiologist and physical/occupational therapists think that this is a problem with memory rather than the auditory system.

At the end of the day, I think that  I have had some small improvements in hearing from ILS.  I am not sure that this is really a fault with ILS itself but that maybe I have made the bulk of improvements in my auditory system from other therapies and that, for me, ILS, was addressing issues in areas that had already been covered by previous work in Balametrics, Interactive Metronome, Brain Fitness, and Captain's Log. In some senses, I've come into ILS having done a lot of work already.  ILS didn't work on the consonants and syllables that I've had problems with in Brain Fitness like shcheh etc.  So, I might recommend to the folks who develop ILS to add more syllables.

I think humming and toning are important things to work on and I really like the fact that ILS understands that musical elements are parts of auditory therapy.  Would have liked to do more of that.  I really wish someone would develop some sort of musical and sound therapy for auditory processing disorder.  I think that there are global brain issues in Auditory Processing Disorder and my other issues that a systemic and targeted application of music listening and production would help.  All the existing therapies seem to really focus on speech which is quite important but I don't think is everything.

Will ponder improvements in hearing later on in the month.  Sometimes, my brain just needs to bake!

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