Sunday, March 4, 2012

Update on Vision Therapy of March 1 2012

Another trot out to Lancaster for Vision Therapy.   God, I hope my eyes get better before the price of gas goes up much further.  It cost hubby $58 to fill the tank of our Buick.

I have been working on Tangrams.  This time, they gave me a difficult set so I actually missed a bunch.  I have been whizzing through the easier set.

We are also working on guesstimating.  I also have been guessing the number of toothpicks tossed in front of me and the number of blocks in a jar (without counting) and the number of steps to the computer.  I guessed the correct number of toothpicks and the number of steps to the computer.  Maybe I will get to be good enough to start winning stuffed animals at a fair by guessing the jelly beans in a jar.

All of this is done while wearing prisms.

I worked on the HTS Vision program Jump Duction.  I am not doing too well on Base In.  Only 7 diopters out.  I've kind of plateaued on this.  I know, relax your eyes and focus outwards.

Got a new package for Home Therapy.  Will start doing the Brock String again and Variable Tanglyphs.

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