Monday, March 26, 2012

Visit to the Career Counselor

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I am collecting another peep, a career counselor peep.  The new peep is a referral from a trusted peep so I have high hopes.

I gave Dr. Bill a synopsis of my disabilities and a few of my strengths.   We talked about whether I might have ADHD or whether it is an overlap with some of my vision or hearing problems.    I am looking forward to talking with a career counselor because I do want to go back to work a
fter I finish my therapy. However, at least my hearing won't come back to completely normal so I do want to be judicious in my career choice.  

When I look back, some jobs that I've held have been completely inapporpriate for my disabilities.  I have worked as a waitress which required strong working memory, spatial awareness, and physical coordination which I don't have.  I have worked as a secretary which involved eye tracking and eye teaming for proofreading.   I have done economic forecasting involving rows and rows of numbers--same problem as secretary for eye tracking and eye teaming.  So I don't want to launch into the next new thing without some thought about whether it is appropriate for me.

Also, environment and corporate culture are important.  With my hearing problems, I need a quiet place to work.   I really don't want to get into some of the toxic environments in some of the large corporations especially ones that are under cost pressure or involve outsourcing.   Too much politics in those environments.

I know a few things that I want is:

  • Control over my environment.  No cubicles.  I need a quiet place to work.
  • An environment that encourages creativity
  • A work culture that values "nice" people
  • I would like to wear fashionable clothes at least some of the time.  I don't want to wear Ann Taylor.
  • Something sustainable that isn't prone to outsourcing or downsizing

I am starting to think about what I want now because I don't want to finish therapy and then be floating around wondering what my next step will be.  Besides, I have plenty of time to gather wool as I  lump about after some therapist has worked me hard.

I feel a little bit like Julie Andrews in the "Sound of Music" -- "What Will This Day be Like?  I wonder.  What will my future be?  It could be so very exciting to be out in the world, to be free!"
Part of me is very glad that I have missed a lot of the angst of job hunting during the depths of the Great Recession.  But part of me, sees that such a gap in a resume is not going to work in my favor.  So we shall see.

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