Wednesday, March 28, 2012


NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 24:  Dancer Derek Hough an...
Dancer Derek Hough and dancer/actress Jennifer Grey,(Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
Have you ever looked at yourself in horror and wondered what got you in the position that you are in?

My Occupational Therapist, Wilma, told me to start moving within an hour of getting up.  She wants to improve my ability to focus by getting blood to the brain first thing in the morning.  One of things she told us to do, especially on a rainy day, when you don't want to go outside is to dance to a fast beat.

Les Black Eyed Peas en concert privé au VIP Ro...
Les Black Eyed Peas en concert privé au VIP Room Paris. avec,, Taboo et Fergie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So, hubby and I have started dancing.  It is just not a pretty sight.  We certainly aren't contestants for Dancing With the Stars!   Nor are we dressed for dancing in our bathrobes  as we bop to the Black Eyed Peas Channel on Pandora.   We are more akin to the commercial for the Xbox Kinnect where the teens are looking at their parents hopping around and telling them in so many words that they are sooo Lame!

We do try and incorporate moves that cross the midline so we are hitting our knees with our opposite elbows and
Brain buttons, as prescribed by Brain Gym
Brain buttons, as prescribed by Brain Gym (Photo credit: Wikipedia)s.  Also, we are adding some moves from Brain Dance like touching, pinching, slapping, 
brushing ourselves all over  so we get some sensory stimulation.  I have been looking at Brain Gym for some more brain friendly moves to add to our routine.

However, I do think we should up the aesthetic portion of our dance.  You know, dancing is an art. Maybe I should pull up the great Youtube video on the History of Dance or use Youtube to learn some moves.   Maybe even learn how to Dougie?

Any suggestions for great moves?  We certainly need them!
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