Thursday, April 12, 2012

Catching Up

Sorry I haven't been blogging but I have had a lot coming at me lately.

Finally got the taxes done!  WhooHoo!!!  It was just a nightmare this year.  I have been really tired from vision therapy and all the goings on with hubby and taxes aren't just my most favorite thing in the world.  So I just did it little by little.  Hubby got in on the act and we scattered papers all over the office.  You know, looking at spreadsheets is not the easiest thing for folks with eye tracking problems so we did the loathsome task little by little.  Despite the organizer, we have totally destroyed the office floor which now has papers littered all over it.  I think we need to take her advice and keep up with the medical records on a quarterly basis.  Also, we do need to change our organizing system a little bit.  I think we need to collate the insurance EOBs, the bill, and note the method of payment (FSA or out-of-pocket).   This might make it easier.  We shall try this in a little bit.  However, it has been really worth it.  We have a huge number of deductions that we have never taken before since we weren't keeping records.

Speaking of fatigue, I have been exhausted lately.  I have been sleeping 12-18 hrs a day until this week.  We have suspended the organizer for a little bit until things settle down.  I think it has been the angst of hubby and all the new stuff I am doing with my vision.

Vision Therapy has been kicked up a notch.  I asked them to be more aggressive and they have been taking me up on it.  Given that I drive 1 hour and 45 minutes each way, my therapists do not wish to overtax me.  However,  I can take a bit more of a push.  So they have really increased the amount of prisms I am wearing: 12 and 6 diopters.  One is for tasks involving far distances and the other is for tasks involving near distances; I forget which is which.   I have been copying revolving diagrams either manually by coloring blocks or by doing tangrams.   I am pretty good at tangrams.

Also, every so often,  I am being paired up with another adult, "L", who I will talk about later.  L and I have been playing a game of bouncing a penny out of a square with a large ball.  We also have been playing different strategy games together while using our flippers to work our accommodative system (focusing).    These games involve visual reasoning in one form or another.

Speaking of games, I have aged out of a lot of the exercises that I do while using flippers.  I have gotten really good at finding words and circling them,  etc and have asked for more challenging material.  So, they have given me a Mensa book of exercises. Mensa is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world.   These exercises are tough but who knows, maybe I can teach myself to be a Mensa!  Just joking.  But, I really do think that Vision Therapy is somehow making me "smarter".  I am sure that I will be doing much better at the Performance IQ portion of an IQ test with the improvements that I have made at Block Diagram and Object Assembly.

I do a number of stereograms as well.  Am getting better at them.

Also, went back to the Aperture Rule.  If my Gentle Readers remember, the Aperture Rule involves peering through one or two windows at two images and fusing them.  Each card is moved closer and closer to you along a sliding ruler.  I can do all of the cards with the single window (aperture); but I can only do up to card #7 (Cactus) with two windows.   It took a lot of work but I got off the Cactus (painfully!!) and marched on to card #8 (Lion) but just couldn't fuse the Lion.

We are doing a lot more work in space.  I am throwing balls at a rebounder and batting a ball on the tether.  Since I had done a lot of work with the ball on a tether during physical therapy, my therapist decided to call out the letters on the ball and I would hit the letter.  This made it more challenging.

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