Saturday, April 21, 2012

Contrast Sensitivity and Auditory Discrimination

Illustration for function of contrast sensitiv...
Illustration for function of contrast sensitivity. Русский: Иллюстрация к статье функция контрастной чувствительности. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Went to visit my audiologist, Maxine Young,  to update her as to how I am doing.   I told her about my work with RevitalVision and how it is working on contrast sensitivity with my left eye.  Just for grins and giggles, I have been smelling some scents at the same time as I am doing RevitalVision in an effort to wake up my sense of smell.  There is no scientific studies on this.  I am just using my gut !

I was wondering if she had anything similar up her sleeve in the way of increasing auditory contrast.  I still do not always hear consonants correctly.  She has a program called LACE that helps people improve auditory discrimination (which is the auditory counterpart to contrast sensitivity) so I will try that.  One thing she noted is that if you improve contrast with one sense that contrast with other senses improves as well.    I agree with her in that I tend to see a lot of improvement when I do multimodal therapy. 

We also talked about memory.  I told her that my PTs and OTs think I have a memory program as well. She is going to have another neuropsychologist evaluate me again for Cogmed

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