Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Mathematics of Happiness?

Earlier in my life in the course of getting a bachelor's degree in economics,  I counted up happiness both the happiness we get as individuals and the happiness we get as a society.    Economics measures happiness in imaginary units known as utils.  The idea being that for a given utility curve (set of tradeoffs) you are equally happy.  You can jump to higher or lower utility curve (ie getting more or less happy). 
However, In Emotional Equations, Conley takes the mathematics of human happiness a step further, creating simple formulas like anxiety = uncertainty x powerlessness, which, when used systematically, he says, can give individuals and organizations a concrete method for addressing the human needs that drive them.

Who'd of thunk that we could systematize our emotions so... If our emotions can be systematized, than they can be digitized.  I wonder if this is our first step towards emotional robots.
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