Sunday, April 1, 2012

Music and the Journey

As my Gentle Readers may surmise, not all of my Journey has been accomplished with movement.  Yes, I have done a lot of travel as evidenced from my previous posts on tax deductions but I have also spent a large part of the Journey flat on my back rather spazzed out from all my exertions.

While I am spazzed out, I become a psychonaut and make my Journey through the noosphere, the collective consciousness.  If I can move through the physical world, then I move through my psyche and the collective consciousness and unconsciousness.

Claude Debussy
Cover of Claude Debussy
My preferred means of travel in these realms has been with music.  I have always loved classical music but I am starting to open up to other music.   I do listen to a lot of Debussy as I find his tone paintings of the dreamscape between conscious and dream world, between body, mind and emotion to be quite apropos these days as my physical therapies take me on a similar journey.   Also, I listen to some of St. Hildegard's chants as I like that mystical connection she brings uniting us with God.   Occasionally, I listen to the strictly cerebral Bach and the lively Mozart.

ambient music emmosea sp2
ambient music emmosea sp2 (Photo credit: 2553video)
Additionally, I am getting into electronica, especially ambient music.  There is a nice yearly festival of electronic music at the Sculpture Gardens not far from my house; and, of course, there are the
WXPN programs like Starlight and Echoes.   I like to sometimes just drift and ambient music brings that out in me.  Just being conscious and in union with the world of spirits.

I have started to diddle about with a nice iPad app called NodeBeat that helps you make ambient music.  I am trying out the different key signatures seeing what
Baby playing NodeBeat on the iPad2
Baby playing NodeBeat on the iPad2 (Photo credit: lynnmarentette)
 effects the different scales and keys make.  I can diddle about with reverb and decay a bit as I play with individual notes.  Also, I picked up a book about composing music so I am getting some ideas about how to structure things.  I am going to record a number of different motifs and see where that takes me.

After a certain amount of ambient music, I get a bit blorgy and spaced so when I want to start revving my engines, especially to do housework, I put on something with a bit more vibrancy to it, like Black Eyed Peas or Lady Gaga.

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