Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Update on Hubby's Journey Through His Cortex

manga hubby
manga hubby (Photo credit: pillowhead designs)
Hubby has been voyaging through his neurons as well.   He got himself checked out and is suffering from Auditory Processing Disorder, Convergence Insufficiency, and deficits with Bilateral Motor Skills, Balance, Working Memory and Processing Speed.   

Hubby had a chat with Wilma, an Occupational Therapist,  who looked at his total profile and told him that he would have to start factoring in rest as in taking a nap periodically through the day.  Wilma's husband had chronic kidney disease so she knows what she is talking about.   It is really necessary for hubby to rest between meetings and not just charge through the day.  Unfortunately, work often just goes from one teleconference to another straight through.  Hubby just has to plan out those breaks. 

Wolf jump on balance beam.
Wolf jump on balance beam. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hubby has started up with our peeps at A Total Approach.  He has the same Anne peep that I have had.  Hubby is working on balametrics and tomatis; tossing bean bags while walking on a balance beam and batting a ball suspended on a string.   He is not jumping on a balance beam like the gymnast in the picture!  Also, his balance beam is only a few inches off the floor.   He is wearing headphones that play specially altered music.  I  think Hubby is starting his therapy off at a much higher level than me.   He is already batting the ball on a string with his hands.

Hubby gets a massage from Anne every day.  I am quite jealous.  I didn't get one.  I have joking with Anne that she just wants to get her mitts on my hubby!   This massage is actually more of a petting or brushing than a Swedish massage.   She strokes Hubby's arms and the outside sides of his legs and the sides of his chest.  Also, she makes a figure eight on his back.  

Finally, hubby is working on a 500 piece puzzle for his final half hour.   Next week,  he will be playing Labyrinth with Anne.  Anne does not play Labyrinth well so hubby will be showing her the winning strategies that he showed me.

Hubby, like me, does get quite tired from this and is napping a lot.  Well, one more week to go and he will finish his first round of PT.  Then he gets a break for a month.

Already, Hubby is starting to hear better and see things more clearly.   He can hear more notes in a song and they seem more crisper. 

He feels more connected to his body.  One of the concerns we've had is that Hubby is a bit of a brain living in his cranium without being connected to his body.  He is enjoying being back in his body.

Hubby is enjoying his time with A Total Approach.  We are now calling them our "peeps".  They have truly been a very loving bunch of folks to both of us. 

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