Sunday, April 22, 2012

What Will This Day Be Like, I Wonder...

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What Will My Future Be?

I went back to the career counselor and am taking a number of assessments. 

The First is the Meyers Briggs.  I am an ENTP:  Extravert, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving.  Very heavy on the Intuitive and a bit on the Extravert side.  Very slight on the Thinking and Perceiving side.  ENTPs are your born entrepreneurs and creative types. Law and Finance also come up as career choices.

I have also done a skills interest assessment with the top careers being public administrator, lawyer, and elected official.  Other possibilities include arts management and photographer.  Well, given the current political scene which has me rather turned off, I don't see myself running for political office!  Sorry, the next President of the United States is not blogging here!  Just in case, you had any doubts! 

I don't see being a photographer.  I can't hold a camera steady so my pictures always come out a bit fuzzy. 

I don't see finance as being a career choice.   Too many spreadsheets with too much eye tracking.

At first, I thought being a lawyer was out as I have auditory processing disorder but, Maxine, my audiologist, said that she has lots of attorneys with APD and they all manage.

But, given today's job market and the expense of law school,  a career as a lawyer gives me a bit of pause.  However, maybe I am cut out for something in the legal/public policy side.  Whether or not, that involves getting a JD is another story.

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