Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hubby Finishes His First Round of Physical Therapy

Saving My Hubby
Saving My Hubby (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
For the past few weeks, Hubby has been curled up on the other side of  Philadelphia getting his neurons sorted out.  He has started out at a much higher level than I did and has been doing some of the same Tomatis and Balametrics exercises that I have done but at a much earlier stage. 

Hubby has been walking on a balance board and tossing bean bags.  He's been swatting a ball on a string with his hands and with a bat.  He's been trying to swat little pegs with a stick and ball. He got a "petting" type of massage and got to do a puzzle with Ann.  Hubby also played Labyrinth with Ann and showed her a few good moves. 

In return, Hubby has bought candy for the troops at A Total Approach which they have enjoyed very much.

He has been very tired and has been snoozing a bit.  I knew he would.  I think its going to take a good week before he is ready to do anything.  I remember how tired I was.

Hubby has been noticing that music has gotten a lot clearer and that he is hearing more of the instruments in a song.  Also, his vision is somehow getting clearer.   He notices that his balance has improved in that he is no longer watching each step when he goes down stairs.

He will talk to Maude next Thursday and will plot out the next steps.

What a strange family we are!  We don't argue any more; we just wonder about getting our neurons tuned up!

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