Friday, May 25, 2012

Overwelmed and Working Memory

Bits and Pieces (Painting and Poem)
Bits and Pieces (Painting and Poem) (Photo credit: faith goble)
Frankly I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed and a bit frenetic my world is changing a lot.It's like as my vision improves, I get to see more things. However, i am not editing out the unimportant things and I will focus on the fact that gas stations have bays or that now a plastic cup has very interesting little rings engraved on it. To the normal person these rings are nothing to notice, but they are there. So, I have been a bit ditzy these days and a bit forgetful.

My occupational therapist has explained that my brain is so busy analyzing and processing all this new input that it just doesn't have any space like it used to in my working memory. I will get my memory and processing speed tested at the end of May. So, we shall see if it is just a question of me getting a bit more used to the world or whether I truly have problems with memory.
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