Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Depth Perception Problems, Tilting Feeling while driving - I am having a

Depth perception
Depth perception (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Found this complaint on a Fibromyalgia message board that is  a bit similar to the problems I have had in driving.  I, too suffer with problems in depth perception and have felt that I was going to fall out of the car while in the passenger seat especially as a car was banking a corner.
I am having a really BIG problem. When I am driving everything looks to be much closer than it is. I am having a big problem with depth perception. Also a problem with getting the feeling like the car is in motion when it is not. Also a problem feeling like the car is tilting when banking a corner and last but not least light distortion from headlights, brakelights and streetlights. I can drive much better during the day, but am totally scared about driving home from work. My Dr. said it's vertigo and gave me motion sickness pills. This is not helping.

If you have had this issue and found anything that helps, please let me know what it is, I am considering taking the bus to work!
However, I found that doing balance exercises and getting vision therapy has cleaned up this problem.   I don't want to kibbutz in on someone else's problem in another disease because their situation may be quite different from mine.  But, I do wonder if this could be balance and vision problems that require the attention of a physical therapist or developmental optometrist.
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