Monday, June 25, 2012

Hubby is 2/3 of the way through his first round of Balametrics

Hubby has descended down his rabbit hole of a cortex and is now following my footsteps over at A Total Approach.

He had put in an ADA request to be able to telecommute and after a certain amount of bureaucratic fiddle faddle, it got approved.   It was a beautifully written magnum opus as we had worked to get all the doctors reports in order.   We killed many trees in order to make these reports.

So Hubby can telecommute. He has had an easier time than I had.  He gets a sensory massage to get him in touch with his body.  Not a massage the way you get it in a spa, but more of a brushing.  Hubby had gotten quite disconnected from his body.  So now, he is getting back in touch with it.  For a while, he had this look of not being in there; that, somehow, Hubby's soul or consciousness was somewhere back behind his face.

I have been teasing Anne that I am watching her and am jealous!  She takes it all in good fun.  I asked, "How come I never got a massage???" 

Hubby has been doing much of the same therapy that I did.  A lot of tossing the bean bag and walking on the balance board and Tomatis.  Along with  Eye tracking work, balance work and rhythm exercises.  He does have some issues with the balance board and being rhythmical. 

Hubby doesn't do any drawing but he does play games.  Some of them are the same games that I have done  like Rush Hour, Labyrinth and doing a puzzle.  But some games are different:  Yahtzee, and Sequencing.

Hubby had started with Anne and is now doing much of his therapy with Michael.  So it's a different dynamic with a male therapist.  Either that, or Maude is deciding to keep me from getting jealous.

Overall, Hubby feels calmer and much more into himself.  He feels that a lot of anxiety is lifted and that he is  seeing and hearing some things more clearly.   He doesn't have to watch his feet when he is going down the steps.

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