Friday, June 8, 2012

More on Vision Therapy

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I am doing a lot better in Vision Therapy.   I've greatly improved on a drill for peripheral vision.  This drill has you look forward and try to hit lighted buttons. Usually I get only  about 25-35 but this time I got a number of iterations at 50-59!  I can't make up my mind whether I am just getting clever and am finally figuring out the pattern of the drill or whether I am truly getting better.

Also, I am doing really well at pursuits with HTS Vision computer drills.  I can keep the animal or ball within the box whether it is spinning or bouncing for about 98-99% of the time.

I have been playing games with the Amish children who come in.  We play visually inspired games and use flippers to work out accommodative system.   The kids are fun.

The accommodative system is the next big challenge for me.  I have gotten over much of my eye suppression so my next challenge is to work the eye muscles that help focus.  This is going to be harder for me because I am middle aged and wear bifocals.  Boo Hoo!   I worked on the Aperture Rule today and got off the cactus (card 7) with a bit of effort.  I am now Dyin' on the Lion (card 8).  Just can't seem to get the eyes to move past card 8.

Also, they gave me yoked lenses with 15 diopters of prism and worked my eyes base up, base down, base in and base out.  I had to step on a board and flip some bean bags into the air and catch them.  I started with one bean bag but could only work my way up to 4 bean bags this time.  I was so disoriented from these prisms.  I had to ease myself gently down to pick them up and slowly rise after placing them on the board.  The board itself seemed to curve.   I got quite dizzy from them.  I was having problems doing this drill as I would stomp down really hard on the floor and would quite often miss the board.

Also, I am playing jacks with Roseanne.  Poor Roseanne, she is having a lot of problems balancing.  So I have been letting her play extra turns.

I have been digging up some tennis and golf drills that I would like to see if my therapists can use.  It would be nice to get some help with a sport that an adult might enjoy!

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