Saturday, June 23, 2012

Multisensory Integration of Natural Odors and Sounds in the Auditory Cortex

Areas of localization on lateral surface of he...
Areas of localization on lateral surface of hemisphere. Motor area in red. Area of general sensations in blue. Auditory area in green. Visual area in yellow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Better mothering with nose-ear integration! 

The following article is on how natural odors and sounds interact as mothers' cortexes develop to facilitate efficient detection of distress in their pups.

The olfactory-auditory integration appeared in lactating mothers shortly after they had given birth and had a particularly strong effect on the detection of pup distress calls.

Taken together, the findings suggest that motherhood is associated with a previously un-described form of multisensory processing in the auditory cortex.

“We have shown that motherhood is associated with a rapid and robust appearance of olfactory-auditory integration in the primary auditory cortex occurring along with stimulus-specific adaptation to pup distress calls,” says Prof. Mizrahi. “These processes help to explain how changes in neocortical networks facilitate efficient detection of pups by their caring mothers.”
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