Monday, June 4, 2012

Revitalizing My Vision

Yippee Skipee!!! I am done with RevitalVision.  Just finished session 40 and am happy it's over.

RevitalVision for Amblyopia has helped tremendously with both the lack of contrast sensitivity in my left eye and binocular vision.   I can see a lot more detail in my surroundings--most notably, I can see into people's homes (not sure everyone would like that) and also shop windows as I am driving.  It makes for a lot more vibrant world and gives me a greater sense that I am a being in the world.  My binocular vision and depth perception have gotten a lot better since I am now using two eyes a lot more.   I had difficulty sustaining fusion in various tests and exercises of binocularity and had to really work to keep the "R" and the "L" lined up.  Now, it is happening with a lot more automaticity.

The last two sessions were spent sitting in a pile of dirty laundry in my husband's walk in closet with my laptop propped up on one pile and myself squirreled away in another pile.  I had stuffed dirty shirts in the cracks of the closet door.  I had to do this for two reasons:  One, I was planning to be out late and did not want to try and do RevitalVision very late at night as I have fallen asleep in the middle of the program.  RevitalVision works best in the dark.   Two, I didn't want to do the laundry myself!  That's hubby's job!  I suppose I could have either done the laundry myself or kicked out the clothes into the middle of the bedroom but I was too lazy.

The pros and the cons of RevitalVision:


  • Really helped with stopping my left eye from suppressing
  • Really helped a lot with getting more binocular vision and depth perception
  • Very good customer support.  If you have problems with the program or skip it for more than a few days, someone calls you.
  • Must be done in dark room--I have fallen asleep in the middle of it
  • Better done in the evening as the room is naturally dark--I have fallen asleep
  • Dull, repetitive watching grey patches fade into nothingness -- if you have problems with ADHD or working memory problems (that a lot of people with amblyopia do have), this program is too much like the diagnostic tests that indicated your problem in the first place.  I have had to intentionally cue myself to remember which option out of two was the option I really wanted to pick and have numerous false choices because I wasn't keeping focus.  I am not sure how a really squirmy kid would handle this program.
  • Only functions on Windows--you know, a number of folks who have amblyopia have ocular motor problems and really prefer the accessibility of a Mac and are not computer savvy enough to be able to configure Parallels to run a Windows environment on a Mac
  • Have no idea what the metrics of the program really mean.  You just get a percentage.

Net Assessment

Really got very good results with the program in terms of improving eye function so  my criticisms are really meant in terms of improving accessibility.  If RevitalVision takes a look at Posit Science's Brain Fitness and looks at some of the cues that reward correct results and some of the silly cartoons meant to stimulate neurotransmitters in a positive manner, it might improve the program.  It would be nice to know what the metrics really mean.

My next question for RevitalVision is about their program for presbyopia, where the lens of the eye loses its ability to focus, making it difficult to see objects up close.  I suffer from both presbyopia and I am having a problem with my accommodative system in some of my binocular vision exercises such as the Aperture Rule that work on focusing.  I can only go so far with the Aperture Rule.  I am stuck on the cactus card (card #7), which isn't too comfortable!!!  Sometimes if I work and work on it, I can do the Lion card (card #8).    

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