Friday, July 27, 2012

Artistic Adventures

Since Wilma has pushed me into  arts and crafts, I have been taking classes over at the Fleisher Art Memorial.   I have taken color theory, drawing,  abstract painting, memory and observation (painting), collage, kiln fired glass and ceramics.

Color theory was a good class that gave me the foundations for making decent color choices.  There is a lot more to learn about color and I do like color tremendously.  Color excites me and calms me down. I really like watching color and seeing how it reacts to objects around it.

Drawing and Painting were tough.  Drawing was awful.  Fortunately, I had a really good teacher that could teach anyone to draw... and that includes even me.  Drawing took a lot of effort for not much payoff.  I can get recognizable objects and some shading but it just takes a lot of effort.  Well.. Duh... My vision reports say that copying is a problem.  Also, holding a pencil is a problem.  My hands get too tired.

So, I left the world of realism and ventured into the abstract for painting.  That went a bit better but it
pointed up the difficulties I have with composition.  Finally, after  I did sit down with my occupational therapist's artist son, I did get better with composition.  Painting was also really hard for me in that I don't work well on an easel--but work better on the table.  Same problems with holding a brush as it is with holding a pencil.

Onto glass.  My kiln fired glass objects have come out like kindergarten... but part of the probl
em is that I don't have modeling skills to work with making an object out of clay, imagining how that object would look if it were reversed into a plaster mold and painting it. As I have taken ceramics, my clay molds are starting to come out better.   My glass blown pieces are pretty nice; but the instructor was literally holding my hands every step of the way.  I love glass so I will persevere.

Since my clay models for making glass were pretty crummy, I have been taking a ceramics class.  That seems to be going surprisingly well, despite my lack of 3D vision.  I can rely on touch a lot.  Of all my senses, my finger tips seem to be working the best.  The hand therapist at the Hand Center ran a special hair over my fingertips and found that they were very sensitive.  So I can rely on touch to create things. I will be casting my first objects next week.  I have a large cup upon which I have molded a mountain and waves.  This seems to be coming out nicely.  I have a bowl that is a little problematic but I think I can save it.  I am making an African dish with a mask so I can get away with irregularity.

So some things seem to be working and some things artistically, not so much.  Will create a blog on tumblr or pin up some stuff on pintrest and let my gentle Readers see my progress.
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