Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Backsliding in Vision Therapy

Stereogram of Venus
Stereogram of Venus (Photo credit: Electric-Eye)
I've backslided a bit.  Sigh!

Had a visioncheckup with Dr. Seiderman and slid backwards on the Worth 4 Dot.  Last time I had 50% near and 70% far with no suppression.  Yesterday, I got 50% near and 50% far with some suppression.

I don't know what the problem is.  I didn't get much sleep the night before.  Went to bed late.  Got up in the middle of the night.  Got up early to take my husband to the train station.  Worked on my report of a workshop I gave with a friend and then drove 1 3/4 hours to Lancaster.  I wonder if I could chalk it up to lack of sleep.

The other possibility is that I might have had a false reading for the first exam.  We are wondering if I had just had vision therapy prisms or other lenses right before the exam and that might have skewed the previous results.

I showed Dr. Seiderman a certain problem that I was having with one of his exercises.  It is a stereogram with a series of sports pictures that fuse at different levels of depth.  You bounce your eyes to the center diamond with R/L letters to and from each picture.  One side of the stereogram is for convergence and the other is for divergence.

 The weird thing is that I am fusing nicely on the left side of the stereogram and that I have double images on the right side no matter whether I am converging or diverging. If I move the card across the midline of my body, I can get all images to fuse nicely.  Also, I don't have problems fusing when the image is dead center.  

Dr. Seiderman thinks that this problem with diplopia (double vision) might be a clue.  He is sending me to an optometrist for new glasses.  We tried putting on a pair of prism glasses that shift my eyes to the right over my regular glasses.  I got a boost in a sense of space as I looked around.  My new prescription would be a weird one:  it would not be a base in/base out; but one that would shift my eyes right or left.

Dr. Seiderman is very interested in my spatial disorientation and wondered about  how to go about it.  I suggested that we try some sports vision exercises as many athletes have that sense of orientation.  He agreed and we will try to do some sports vision stuff in the fall when I come back.

We discussed whether I would achieve true depth perception and basically the conclusion is that they have done everything we could.  Not quite the news I really wanted to hear.  

So now what?  I guess it is time for a second opinion on things.   I will talk to Dr. Rosenthal who gave me the RevitalVision program for amblyopia and see what he thinks about my vision being shifted.   I have to fix the computer that had RevitalVision (my computer had conked out after 40 sessions.  The RevitalVision people want me to do more).    It would be interesting to see what happens with eye suppression and whether my recent assessment had more to do with fatigue or not.   Also, I will ask him whether RevitalVision programs for farsightedness (and/or presbyopia)  and/or nearsightedness would address problems that I have with accommodation as well.

Also, I am scheduled to see Maude over at A Total Approach to review my memory assessment.  I will bring up my vision issues and see what she thinks.

I will give the vision therapists another shot by talking to the folks over at the Eye Institute.  It would be really, really nice if someone had a different take on things.  I think if these folks  don't have any answers it may be time to bite the the bullet and get an evaluation for surgery.  Not thrilled.

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