Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Entelechy: Baby You Were Born This Way

English: Photograph of a Monarch Butterfly.
English: Photograph of a Monarch Butterfly. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
"It is inside of you, like the butterfly is inside of the caterpillar. He then used a word that I heard for the first time, a word that became essential to my later work...A great word, a Greek word, entelechy. It means the dynamic purpose that is coded in you. It is the entelechy of this acorn on the ground to be an oak tree. It is the entelechy of the caterpillar to undergo metamorphosis and become a butterfly. So what is the butterfly, the entelechy of...?"

Entelechy is the realization of your potential.  An acorn must become an oak or rot and die on the ground.

Entelarchy is one of the components of being gifted.  If you are gifted, you have to do it.  Some people think of being gifted as being just bright; but it is more than that.

Being gifted, as opposed to being very smart, is more of a unique neurological condition.  You have a number of drives:   divergent thinking, excitability, sensitivity, perceptivity, and entelechy.

  • Divergent thinking -- you think differently than the group.  In fact. you seek out the different, the creative, the unusual
  • Excitability -- high reactivity, high nervous system arousal, high emotional reactivity.  You are just very sensitive to the environment, people, the results of divergent thinking, etc.  And not just excited, but overexcited.  However, unlike bipolar depression, you can self-regulate.   According to Dabrowski, there are a number of overexcitabilities: 
    •  psychomotor -- surplus of energy in general (talk faster, move faster, competitiveness)
    •  intellectual(love of learning and problem solving)
    •  emotional (intensity of feeling, empathy, sensitivity to others, heightened awareness of injustice, anxiety, fear, inadequacy)
    •  sensual (heightened awareness of taste, smell, touch, vision, hearing, enhanced enjoyment of music and art)
    • imaginational(dream world, fantasy, visual memory, love of poetry, music, drama).  
  • Sensitivity occurs in all the domains of excitability.  It is the stimulus that gets you excited.  The heightened awareness of the environment, the moral implications of laws, rules and constraints.
  • Perceptivity --  "An ability to view several aspects of a situation simultaneously, to understand several layers of self within another, and to see quickly to the core of an issue".  Rejection of falsehood and hypocrisy. 
  • Entelechy -- realization of potential in all domains.  Realizing your intellectual strengths.  Incorporating the fruits of  divergent thinking, sensitivity, perceptivity to their logical conclusion whether it is a physical object, an work of art, a shared emotional space within a group, an intellectual idea or theory, etc.  Can be the“golden moments” of friendship.--the times of deep intimacy and being your true self and sharing that moment with others.  It is being in a state of flow.  
Entelechy is the realization of all these.   A "Baby, you were born this way" kind of thing.  But more than "being born this way" is the sense that you gotta do it.  

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