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Feeling my way towards 3D vision

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I last left my Gentle Readers with some thoughts about a new approach to vision.  I have since rethought things. I talked with my physical therapist and apparently there are some other things that can be done before I throw in the towel or run around to a bunch of different folks.

I recently read a book about vision by Dr. Melvin Kaplan which had a wonderful chapter about strabismus.  He also had a lot of very interesting things to say about vision therapy in a holistic approach that I I will leave for another post.

Problem #1:  As a developmental optometrist knows, in strabismus there is a misalignment between the extra ocular muscles that control the eye and the accommodative muscles that control the focusing of the eye.   My eyes are really not aligned properly and not in a manner that the average optometric exam uncovers quickly.  The use of stereograms accompanied by an exercise that jumps the eye back and forth across the midline of the body brought out some diplopia.   When I shifted the stereogram to the left side, I fused my eyes correctly.  We tried a new set of lenses to see what is happening.  It is really weird to put on a set of prism lenses  that accounts for a shift to the right (or left) and get a much better sense of space.  Using this type of prism lenses is not something that a developmental optometrist reaches for first.   Apparently my problem now is not your typical base in/base out problem but something else.

One thought that I have on this new piece of evidence is that it poses some questions on what is happening on my right side of the brain.   My guess right now is that there is something about how the inputs from the nasal portion of the retina of the left eye are not fusing properly with the inputs from my temporal portion of the right eye.  I think (I need to check this) that both these inputs are right hemispheric dysfunction.  It all makes me wonder if there is something to the Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, at least in terms of describing right hemispheric dysfunction.

Another odd thought (and I am really not sure if I am correct on this) is that I wonder if I really suffer from presbyopia (middle age onset of farsightedness).    I wonder about this because when I read a book without my bifocals, I don't want to push the book away from me.  I want to bring the book even closer.  I wonder if this is more myopia (nearsightedness) rather than presbyopia.    Will using the RevitalVision program for farsightedness/nearsightedness help?  Is the nut of my problem with farsightedness/nearsightedness a weakening of the accommodative system and can looking at Gabor patches address the accommodative problems?  Or are these two different problems?

Problem #2:  My left eye has been asleep.  It is now waking up.  The RevitalVision program for amblyopia has been helping with that tremendously.  I am definitely not going to get binocular vision without two eyes functioning!!  However, I am wondering if regaining binocular vision and waking up my left eye are going to be  solved in a cyclical process.  Not cure one and then cure the other.  I think that my left eye fell asleep so that I would not see the world in double.  My posture is a bit askew and my head is tilted to help maintain a non-doubled up view of the world.

Problem #3:  Lousy posture and body mechanics that support a dysfunctional visual process.   Unwinding this whole dysfunctional process is very important.  What I like about Dr. Kaplan is how he defines a therapeutic process that encompasses the visual system and the body.

Problem #4:  Breathing.  Yoga breathing can be hard for me.  Dr. Kaplan also includes the autonomic nervous system in his therapy by including breathing.    I think he is onto something here, at least for me.

So, what now.  I have some questions I would like answered.

I am guessing that a round of Advanced Cellfield is going to address the questions raised in Problem #1 and get my eyes aligned correctly.  This is going to get coupled with more RevitalVision to get the left eye functioning.  Find out if RevitalVision for Farsightedness is going to help my accommodative system.  After Cellfield, go see Dr. Kaplan about his vision therapy which incorporates body mechanics and breathing.   See if I can get some answers on my odd problems with the stereogram.   Maybe go get new lenses as part of this.  Maybe do some sports vision therapy as part of this.

Double check the use of surgery.  I don't think so but I'd like to give the eye surgeons  their due.  Got my plan.

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