Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Girrll Power: Hots for the Smart

Apparently, women are moving ahead of men in IQ stakes.  Found a cute little ditty praising smart girls.

 I like a girl in satin
Who talks dirty in Latin
A girl who's flirty
When she quotes Krishnamurti
If she likes to be goosed
While reciting from Proust
I'll know she's my kind of creature
Among her delectables
Her intellectables
Must be her sexiest feature

I've got The Hots For The Smarts
The Hots For The Smarts
IQ off the charts
Give me brains over hearts
I've got The Hots For The Smarts

I like a girl from Mensa
With a furrowed brow
When the tenses get denser
She gets it - and how!
I need a polymath 
Called Cindy or Cath
Who likes her Plato not too platonic
An autodidact
Who can add and subtract
While sipping her Tolstoy and tonic...

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