Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Fame Grows

Another one of my therapist is writing a book which will include a chapter about me.  Also, my interview will be posted on YouTube.  Will let my Gentle Readers know more as things transpire.

I think the time has come for adults with learning disabilities to have their stories told.   Right now there is a  civil rights movement, neurodiversity, that is focusing on the twenty somethings and their entree into the workforce.  Well, hello.  There's a whole lot of us older adults who have managed somehow and have stories to tell both of the difficulties trying to keep up but also of the unique perspectives and strengths that we have.  Also, I think we can help out the clinicians and researchers a lot because we can relate our past struggles and give them detailed feedback about the effectiveness of the therapies.  We are better subjects than children.  We are more patient and have a lot more tolerance for mindless repetitive exercises.  We can tell you if something is really onerous and, no matter how hard we try, it is really just too much to ask.  We are committed. We can tell you the history of living with a disability so that you can help the children.  We can tell you how much we can outgrow or compensate for certain conditions and how much we can't.

I think we have a lot to offer but not too many outlets to share.  Research studies at NIH and the universities put age limits on clinical trials.  There are lots of stories about children that are written by parents and lots of websites for those stories but there aren't too many places for adults.  A lot of knowledge is going to waste and a lot of the same mistakes are being made because no one is asking adults what we did to get around our difficulties.

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