Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another Round of CellField and Princeton on a Summer Night

I am doing another round of Cellfield... looking at words through a strange wavy dotted background, and deciphering a lot of Pig Latin.  It is definitely helping my vision as I am getting more of a sense of space.  Getting more of a sense of space is hard to describe because it is, as a neuroscientist would say, qualia, the internal and subjective component of sense perception.  In layman's terms, what is qualia? It is the redness of red, the sweetness of peach, the sound of F major chord... so, in my case, the spaciness of space.

While driving through Princeton last night (fortunately, my husband was driving, so I could gawk), I was suddenly struck by the liveliness of Nassau street on a summer night.  Because of an enhanced perception of depth and space, I could see into the storefronts of Nassau Street.  I could see all the way back into the stores and restaurants.  But, it was much more than a passive noting of the contents of the stores and restaurants.  It was seeing and feeling a very vibrant nightlife.... the interactions of packs of college friends enjoying ice cream, beers, cheeseburgers and Indian food... romantic couples canoodling by candlelight.  The lighted storefronts of Landau sweaters, Design By Choice home furnishings, the mosaics of Zorba the Greek, and the green lighted Tudor architecture of Hamilton Jewelers, J. Crewe and the Hamilton Square shops were all very new and vibrant.  The thing is, I was alternating between seeing new details in these places and then taking in the  scene of Nassau Street as a whole.
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