Monday, September 17, 2012

Finished Cellfield Round 2

Just to catch my Gentle Readers up on the end of Cellfield.

I finished Cellfield Round 2 (the A+) level with some mixed feelings. 

1.  I am glad it didn't knock my socks off the way that Round 1 did.  In part, this is because I stayed in a hotel close by my therapist rather than doing a 100 mile round trip.  So I definitely had a lot more stamina.

2.  I think that Revital Vision for Amblyopia definitely helped.  I didn't have the trouble distinguishing low contrast words on a background that I had during level 1.  I missed a number of the exercises in Level 1  just because I literally couldn't see the words on the computer screen.  According to Maude over at A Total Approach, a lot of adults have this problem. 

3.  My 3D vision did improve somewhat but not the big jump I was expecting.  But I am wondering if getting involved with the move to a new home got me distracted from noticing what was going on in the real world. 

4.  Doing biofeedback (using the EmWave) and playing Journey To the Wild Divine, a biofeedback game seemed to help.  Now that I am moved into my new I can go back to biofeedback.  There is something about "Relax...Breathe..." that gets my eyes to converge and my vision to double. 

I do notice space flitting in and out. If I stop and focus and breathe, I can get more depth perception.   But, I didn't get the big jump that I got from the first round of Cellfield.  Maybe this needs time.

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