Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Music Therapy Session

 Had my First Music Therapy Session at the Nordoff with a Korean therapist named Hyun.

First off, I got lost and disoriented around Washington Square and got my lefts and rights mixed up with the Easts and Wests of the square.  Apparently, this happens enough and the receptionist very kindly stayed on the line until I was in front of the building.

I had thought my directional sense had improved as I wasn't having problems around the burbs.  But, apparently it is not as solid as I think.  Oh well.

Hyun had me choose three instruments and I picked out the wind chimes, wood blocks and the bongo drum.  We played together a bit with her accompanying me on the piano. She was emphasizing rhythm in a marching tune so I played along.  She also switched into a more lyrical piece. 

I was having problems making some of the musical transitions as we were switching the lead on and off.  I wanted to go somewhere else with the music but I didn't have the ability musically to make a smooth transition to another topic.  So I plodded along at some rather monotonous rhythms when I really wanted to do something else.

One problem is that I have never really done too much improvisational music.  Whenever I played music I was always performing off a score so I never really knew how to start moving off the beat.   Also I wanted to do more with the chimes but I kept hitting more than one chime.

We talked a bit after playing and I told her I didn't think I had the vocabulary to say what I wanted to say.  Also, we stayed a bit more in the classical genre. 

I am going to listen to more rhythmic music and see where things go.  Does anyone have any ideas about good music or themes to explore?

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