Saturday, September 15, 2012

Moving Into New Place Helped By Therapy

 Sorry 'Bout Not Blogging but I have been moving into a new home.

This move has been sooo much easier than other moves because of a few changes I have made:
  1. Working with an Organizer.  As my Gentle Readers know, I have been sorting stuff for the past six months.  With the Organizer's help, we have only moved what we needed to move for the most part.   Because everything got nicely packed by drawer and every box was sorted by room and labeled, I did not have the mass confusion that moving usually entails.
     2.  Vision Therapy.  Processing crowded visual fields has gotten much easier!!!  Very useful in a disorganized, crowded house.  Also,  doing tangrams has helped me figure out how to get stuff into boxes.    I am also better able to eyeball things and figure out if they will fit into a container or a new box.

     3.  Better Balance helps as I am able to crawl up into the attic without being afraid of heights.
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