Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Starting Music Therapy

Starting Music therapy over at the Nordoff Robbins Center at New York University.

 Just went in for an evaluation over at Nordoff-Robbins.  After getting a copy of my records copied, the therapist took a history of my neurological conditions and asked me about some psychological factors and then we began to play together.

At first, we worked with rhythmic instruments.  My therapist played on the piano and  I could pick from the drums, xylophone and the cymbal.   Can't believe it, but I actually could keep time with the music!  All that  work with the Interactive Metronome actually paid off!  I kind of just plunked along as I wasn't sure how to integrate rhythm into things.  Boring.  But I did keep the beat.  I was pondering about how to respond to the beat... but my knowledge of rhythmic improv is rather limited and there was a lot to keep track of. 

Then we both moved to the piano, an instrument that I have had a little bit of training.  So when the therapist played I could react to her playing much better.    I felt a lot freer than playing with the rhythmic instruments.  We were playing along to a pentatonic scale (just the black keys on the piano) so we would harmonize well.   I played something sort of like Debussy.... dreamy and slow.

The therapist thanked me for playing and we scheduled another session.  Will keep you posted.

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