Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ReCap With Maude on Cellfield

I’ve been too busy to post my recap with Maude on the Cellfield treatment that I had been doing with A Total Approach.   This last round, Cellfield wasn’t as traumatic as the first time  I did it.  That time, I was reduced to a little fuzzy creature that wanted to lurk in some dark warren.  I didn’t make a huge immediate jump in vision as I did the first time but I think that things have improved a lot since then.  

So, what’s new?  I do get more of a sense of space.  Breathing affects ability to maintain 3d space. Especially with moving.  I really think that I would benefit from doing some biofeedback in tandem with vision therapy.  

I noticed that doing RevitalVision really helped a lot.  I didn’t have the problems with seeing the words on the screen since my contrast sensitivity improved.  There was only one day and only a couple of times that day when I just couldn’t see the words on the screen.  

I asked Maude for a referral for vision therapy.  I had read Melvin Kaplan’s book and thought that his approach which incorporated breathing, body work and vision exercises might be a good one for me and was wondering if she knew anyone close by that does something similar. 
She gave me a referral and we came up with some questions to ask the good doctor:
  • Breathing affects ability to maintain 3d space. Especially with moving
  • Binocular vision:  2d  3d space. -- can I transition in an efficient space?
  • Information about timing between stable and movement and Vision in the brain
  • I have an issue with visual field: magnacellular vs parvocellular
  • I have separate skill layers now...but problems actively using separate systems functionally together with correct timing and efficiency
  • Look at all the  issues all together

We also talked about memory and she thinks that I should do Cogmed.  So I will be doing that.  Maude may cut me a Solisten CD to stimulate auditory function as Cogmed is mostly visual.  I definitely have some issues with  active working memory.  I told her that my Occupational Therapist seems to think I have some ADHD going on.  Maude’s feeling is that some of these higher order issues may be revealing itself now that some of the lower order sensory processing issues are resolved.

The sad thing is now we have pretty much reached the end of our time together.  Maude thinks that she has done all that she can with me.   I am really sorry to hear that.  Part of me is very happy, of course, to finish therapy; but another part is sad to move on from these wonderful people.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Back to Blogging

I have been quite busy this month which has cut into my blogging time.

In addition to getting my new home set up, I got flooded before the hurricane.   So, I had my upstairs bathroom torn up, my kitchen redone and the whole downstairs repainted.   All this in addition to keeping some therapy appointments!

So, now while I am waiting for and then riding out Hurricane Sandy... in between the household tasks I wish to accomplish... I will be catching up with my blogging.

A lot of things have happened... Stay tuned.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

16 Apps for Elementary Students with Non-Verbal Learning Disability | inov8 Educational Consulting

Great collection of Iphone/Ipad apps for non-verbal learning disability.  Covers all kinds of nonverbal skills.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Revisiting the Nose

A drawing of a face with a No symbol over the nose
A drawing of a face with a No symbol over the nose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Decided to go back to tackling my snout.  I think since I will work on memory next year that getting a sense of smell will help.  I knew I needed a good clinician.  The smell people at Penn were great on testing but were researchers so I went on the internet board for anosmia (lack of sense of smell) and went hunting for a good doc.

Found Dr. Kimmelman up in New York City and so I got on the train to see him up in the upper East Side of New York.  With my changing vision the vistas of New York City change as well.

Apparently the nose community is a tight one and Dr. Kimmelman spent time in Philadelphia and knows Dr. Doty over at the Smell Clinic and the surgeon who did my nose job (I had a deviated septum and a complete septoplasty to clear up the sinuses).

We talked a bit and he examined my hooter and decided that I don't have anosmia but I do have enlarged turbinates. I do have a sense of taste so Dr. Kimmelman thinks that I do smell when I exhale. He is thinking about surgery to shrink the turbinates.   One problem with surgery is that some of the parts of the nose that enhance smell get scraped off.

Before we go any further, Dr. Kimmelman wants to see the scans that were done with the surgery.  So we are waiting for the medical bureaucracy at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania to send them up to him.
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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Taxonomy of Grasp

Grasp reflex
Grasp reflex (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Here is a taxonomy of all the different ways to grasp objects.  I think later on after I finish working on vision and get a better sense of 3D that I will tackle my grasp.  I would like to get better dexterity with my fingers and I would also like to stop crushing things so tightly.
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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Scheduling Problems, Vision and iPhone

I have been messing up my appointments with my occupational therapist, Wilma.... Not badly, but I have forgotten an appointment and have shown up at the wrong time for appointments (rather embarrassing).  So, we are thinking that the iPhone Calendar native app is not for me.  

We went over exactly what happened the last time I showed up at the wrong time.  I have been trying to do more advanced planning so I look at my iPhone calendar for the schedule for the coming week and the next day.  Right before I went to bed, I looked at my iPhone and read that my OT appointment was at 10 am the next day.  Or so I thought.  I got up and went to my OT appointment at 10 am but no therapist.  So I called Wilma and she informed me that my appointment was at 1 pm.


So, I went home and came back at 1 pm.

We walked through exactly what had happened together.  I told Wilma I looked at my iPhone the night before and thought it was 10 am.  I also ignored the fact that I hadn't got alarms in the morning like I usually set them.   She said that often times our appointments are at 10 am but we have been moving them around lately because both our schedules have been busy.  Wilma thinks that I have a couple problems:

  1. I am not registering what I see sometimes.  It is like a faulty wire.  99% of the time I do see things.  1% of the time I don't see what is in front of my face.
  2. Maybe I can get a little stuck on routine.  Maybe my brain didn't pay attention to the change in schedule because I had seen Wilma a number of times at 10 am.  Also, since 1 is 10 without the zero, maybe it didn't register in me that, Oh! The Schedule HAS CHANGED!!!!
  3. Memory is a bit of an issue.
So, what to do about this?  Wilma notes that I do love my electronic toys.  But the toy isn't working for me.  She would like color coding, a change in font, and printing out on paper.  The idea being that repetitive, multimodal input is a good thing to prime the brain into remembering.  

So, I am looking into another app that has some color coding and an app that does verbal reminders.  So we shall see how that works.  As well as printing out the schedule.

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neurowear: brain controlled tail

This is the cutest video about using your brain to wag your tail.  Someone has designed a little suit with a tail that is connected to your brain.  It captures your mood and wags appropriately.   It is also connected to a smartphone so you can track your moods.

Neurowear also produces cat ears that reflect your mood as well.

Check out this video on YouTube:
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