Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ReCap With Maude on Cellfield

I’ve been too busy to post my recap with Maude on the Cellfield treatment that I had been doing with A Total Approach.   This last round, Cellfield wasn’t as traumatic as the first time  I did it.  That time, I was reduced to a little fuzzy creature that wanted to lurk in some dark warren.  I didn’t make a huge immediate jump in vision as I did the first time but I think that things have improved a lot since then.  

So, what’s new?  I do get more of a sense of space.  Breathing affects ability to maintain 3d space. Especially with moving.  I really think that I would benefit from doing some biofeedback in tandem with vision therapy.  

I noticed that doing RevitalVision really helped a lot.  I didn’t have the problems with seeing the words on the screen since my contrast sensitivity improved.  There was only one day and only a couple of times that day when I just couldn’t see the words on the screen.  

I asked Maude for a referral for vision therapy.  I had read Melvin Kaplan’s book and thought that his approach which incorporated breathing, body work and vision exercises might be a good one for me and was wondering if she knew anyone close by that does something similar. 
She gave me a referral and we came up with some questions to ask the good doctor:
  • Breathing affects ability to maintain 3d space. Especially with moving
  • Binocular vision:  2d  3d space. -- can I transition in an efficient space?
  • Information about timing between stable and movement and Vision in the brain
  • I have an issue with visual field: magnacellular vs parvocellular
  • I have separate skill layers now...but problems actively using separate systems functionally together with correct timing and efficiency
  • Look at all the  issues all together

We also talked about memory and she thinks that I should do Cogmed.  So I will be doing that.  Maude may cut me a Solisten CD to stimulate auditory function as Cogmed is mostly visual.  I definitely have some issues with  active working memory.  I told her that my Occupational Therapist seems to think I have some ADHD going on.  Maude’s feeling is that some of these higher order issues may be revealing itself now that some of the lower order sensory processing issues are resolved.

The sad thing is now we have pretty much reached the end of our time together.  Maude thinks that she has done all that she can with me.   I am really sorry to hear that.  Part of me is very happy, of course, to finish therapy; but another part is sad to move on from these wonderful people.

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