Saturday, October 13, 2012

Revisiting the Nose

A drawing of a face with a No symbol over the nose
A drawing of a face with a No symbol over the nose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Decided to go back to tackling my snout.  I think since I will work on memory next year that getting a sense of smell will help.  I knew I needed a good clinician.  The smell people at Penn were great on testing but were researchers so I went on the internet board for anosmia (lack of sense of smell) and went hunting for a good doc.

Found Dr. Kimmelman up in New York City and so I got on the train to see him up in the upper East Side of New York.  With my changing vision the vistas of New York City change as well.

Apparently the nose community is a tight one and Dr. Kimmelman spent time in Philadelphia and knows Dr. Doty over at the Smell Clinic and the surgeon who did my nose job (I had a deviated septum and a complete septoplasty to clear up the sinuses).

We talked a bit and he examined my hooter and decided that I don't have anosmia but I do have enlarged turbinates. I do have a sense of taste so Dr. Kimmelman thinks that I do smell when I exhale. He is thinking about surgery to shrink the turbinates.   One problem with surgery is that some of the parts of the nose that enhance smell get scraped off.

Before we go any further, Dr. Kimmelman wants to see the scans that were done with the surgery.  So we are waiting for the medical bureaucracy at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania to send them up to him.
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