Sunday, October 7, 2012

Scheduling Problems, Vision and iPhone

I have been messing up my appointments with my occupational therapist, Wilma.... Not badly, but I have forgotten an appointment and have shown up at the wrong time for appointments (rather embarrassing).  So, we are thinking that the iPhone Calendar native app is not for me.  

We went over exactly what happened the last time I showed up at the wrong time.  I have been trying to do more advanced planning so I look at my iPhone calendar for the schedule for the coming week and the next day.  Right before I went to bed, I looked at my iPhone and read that my OT appointment was at 10 am the next day.  Or so I thought.  I got up and went to my OT appointment at 10 am but no therapist.  So I called Wilma and she informed me that my appointment was at 1 pm.


So, I went home and came back at 1 pm.

We walked through exactly what had happened together.  I told Wilma I looked at my iPhone the night before and thought it was 10 am.  I also ignored the fact that I hadn't got alarms in the morning like I usually set them.   She said that often times our appointments are at 10 am but we have been moving them around lately because both our schedules have been busy.  Wilma thinks that I have a couple problems:

  1. I am not registering what I see sometimes.  It is like a faulty wire.  99% of the time I do see things.  1% of the time I don't see what is in front of my face.
  2. Maybe I can get a little stuck on routine.  Maybe my brain didn't pay attention to the change in schedule because I had seen Wilma a number of times at 10 am.  Also, since 1 is 10 without the zero, maybe it didn't register in me that, Oh! The Schedule HAS CHANGED!!!!
  3. Memory is a bit of an issue.
So, what to do about this?  Wilma notes that I do love my electronic toys.  But the toy isn't working for me.  She would like color coding, a change in font, and printing out on paper.  The idea being that repetitive, multimodal input is a good thing to prime the brain into remembering.  

So, I am looking into another app that has some color coding and an app that does verbal reminders.  So we shall see how that works.  As well as printing out the schedule.

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