Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Adventures in Chinese Brush Painting

I have been continuing along pursuing crafts as per Wilma's direction.  So, I have been taking a course in Chinese Brush Painting over at the Fleisher.  I haven't been blogging as aI have been practicing my painting.

Well, I am the tortoise in the class.   I have been way behind everyone in the class .... just pl
We all got to start somewhere
We all got to start somewhere (Photo credit: Terry Madeley)
odding along.  You'd think that after having studied some calligraphy in Japan that I would be quite up on this but I am not.  I am definitely not the "dancing brush".  

However, a turtle eventually does get there.  I did go out and but some books about Chinese Brush Painting and started to be able to crank out the four gentlemen:  orchid (still needs work), plum, bamboo, and chrysanthemum (needs work).

I just had a hard time controlling the brush.  The other thing is, breathing is very important.  Take a breath.  Inhale.  Put the brush on the paper. Exhale.  Move the brush.  So getting in the right frame of mind and breathing is really helpful.  (Calming the parasympathetic nervous system).

We all got to start somewhere
We all got to start somewhere (Photo credit: Terry Madeley)

Also, Chinese brush painting is taught differently from Western painting.  You copy an old master's painting.  Big difficulty for me.... If you remember my vision report, I have been written up on eye tracking problems.  So this is all very hard.

I find that I work better at home because I can take a break and rest in the middle of  it  and close my eyes.

With the Four Gentlemen, I can take a minute and think about the meaning of the plant before I start.  Right now, I am drawn to the chrysanthemum.  The chrysanthemum is a flower for fall.   It is a flower representing many things:  grief, nobility, but most importantly, the inner self.   I have an idea for a crysanthemum painting that I am working on for that.  When I finish it, I will post it on my tumbler blog.  Also, I have been reading a number of chinese and Japanese poems about these flowers.

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