Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Another session of music therapy.  We were making music with me on a drum and Hyun on piano.  I got into a bit of syncopation. and started to improvise.  Then I threw a switch and started an Indian tom tom beat.  I was wondering what Hyun would do with that.  She has a  tendency to go sometimes from a classical mode into a modern chromatic mode.  And that Is exactly what had done.  Which was a bit funny since I was thinking Indian Tom Tom.

It just brought the thoughts of change to mind.  Along with the chinese brush painting I have been doing,  I had gone back and read the I Ching.  I went back and looked at the trigram form change:  fire over lake.

"Resisting the flow of creative energy increases the power of inferior attitudes that we harbour, which in turn increases resistance in an ever intensifying spiral. Everything that comes to us is appropriate for our learning and growth. There is a need to look beneath the exterior to learn the lesson. "

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