Monday, November 26, 2012

Foot Done Failed Me

English: Line art drawing of two forms of crut...
English: Line art drawing of two forms of crutches. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
On Thanksgiving Day, Hubby and I were going on a road trip and that necessitated a plunge into our, as yet, unorganized garage.  This plunge ended up  with a reflection on neurology, of course!

And, I really did plunge into the garage.  But not in the way my Gentle Readers think!

Near our circuit breaker box, we have a little alcove about 18" off the garage floor.  Like the rest of the garage, this alcove is stored with stuff.  I started digging through the pile, figuring out which stuff I want to take with me and which I don't.

In the course of whirling stuff around,  I twirled and stepped down from the alcove and right onto the side of my foot.  I went down with a bang!   Oh my God, but that hurt.  I saw stars.  I limped over to my living room couch and plopped down.  Rested for a while.  Told Hubby that I wanted to go on with our plans but I would need to use his mother's cane.

Took a lot of Naprosyn, rested and tried to get up.  But there was no way I was going anywhere fast.

Being that it was way too painful, I went to the emergency room to see if my foot was broken.  Got to the ER early afternoon.  I know enough from experiences with family members and from working in the Xray department that early afternoon on Thanksgiving was bound to be quiet and late afternoon would be a madhouse that I didn't want to delay going.

Got to the ER and found that I didn't have a broken ankle but merely a badly sprained one.  They gave me some crutches and I went on my way.

Fast forward to Monday when I saw my occupational therapist, Wilma.   She was surprised to see me on crutches and asked me what happened.  I explained and then we went into a bit of a task analysis to see exactly what had happened.   Her feeling is that this relates to my problems with attention and focus.  I was so busy focusing on pushing my stuff around that I was not paying attention to body awareness in space and so I missed the drop off and landed on my ankle.

Moral of the story is that I need to make a more conscious effort to be aware of where my body is.   This is not easy to do on a daily basis.

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