Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hubby Beats Me to the Finish

Hubby has moved through  therapy with A Total Approach at lightening speed.  He did his round of Interactive Metronome/Tomatis very quickly.  

I am very jealous of his scores.  With only one round of Interactive Metronome (IM), he has scores in the low twenties.  It took me three rounds of IM and an awful lot of work to get a few of my scores down to the low twenties.  Apparently, he has incredible timing.  He is thinking of maybe doing some tap dancing with toe tapping scores in the mid 20’s.

Also, Maude has been having him work out with the guys to help strengthen his core muscles and stamina.  

Hubby doesn’t have to return to do any more Tomatis or IM. 

Also, he just had a check up with the developmental optometrist and apparently, his convergence insufficiency has cleared up.  He measured 3.5” of convergence and is now down to 3”.  The good doctor thinks that this improvement is due to Tomatis.  So she decided not to give him a course of vision therapy and gave him some maintenance exercises to do at home. 

So, additionally, he can know do Brain Fitness at home that his audiologist has prescribed.  After that, next year, he will probably get some hearing aids.  I have been noticing that he wants to turn the TV up very loudly... so loudly, that I can hear him upstairs.  When I told him that, he recoiled in horror as he had memories of his aged mother doing the same thing as her hearing failed her.  Unlike his mom, I haven’t reached the point of screaming  over the TV set.  It’s just that as I am sitting upstairs, I can hear the TV.  So maybe it is just a little bit too loud.

We shall see what the next course of therapy is after Brain Fitness.  I wonder if hubby will need to do Captain’s Log or not.

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