Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hubby Working on His Memory

Saving My Hubby
Saving My Hubby (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
 Last night, while Hubby was doing BrainFitness, I happened to glance over as he was doing the memory exercise portion and noticed something interesting.

BrainFitness memory exercises start with a simple directive:  Click on the girl with the green dress.  or Click on the boy with the blue cap.  etc.  First, you follow only one instruction.  Then you add two instructions; then three instructions and so on.   Later on the instructions become more complex.

Hubby was working on three instructions but  could not sustain following three instructions and fell back to two instructions.  

Now, granted that Hubby was doing this exercise late at night and was tired.  He says he usually does three exercises and bounces back and forth with four.  

That being said, it does tell me something about Hubby following instructions or remembering stuff when he is tired, ill, stressed or otherwise distracted.  Keep it simple.  See if it can wait till a better time.   Only give out two instructions at a time.

Hubby's memory problems are a different kettle of fish than mine.  Different neurological profile.  Hubby is five years older than me and has some problems with hypertension.  Also, a bit of a junk food junkie (although that is much better. 

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