Sunday, November 18, 2012


I looked at my therapist's iPad cover and said, "Pink".

I have been continuing music therapy after a bit of a break from Hurricane Sandy.   It was grey day with patches of light  and I had been feeling an in-between sense between the blues-ey ness of a cloudy day and the upliftedness that a patch of light brings.  So I played pink.   Not a candy pink but a greyed pink.

I had a rainforest stick which was quite nice to work with but very hard to control.  It made a nice sound of falling rain.  I also played with an instrument with texture of the sea... that I used to create texture.  Additionally, I played windchimes and the bongo.

It was a nice pleasant low key mellow music.  We talked for a bit and I went home.

When I left and walked through Washington Square my vision seemed to relax more and I could see things clearer.    I felt freer.

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