Wednesday, November 7, 2012

TheSpec - Mac student tackles tinnitus

[mb] Tinnitus
[mb] Tinnitus (Photo credit: Merrick Brown)

William Shatner said it almost drove him to suicide.
When it struck Peter Phua, however, it drove him to action and a startup company offering a new hope for sufferers around the world.
What the actor and the medical student share, along with millions of other around the world, is a condition called tinnitus — an unending ringing in the ears that victims say can drive them to the brink of insanity. It is believed to be triggered by the death of hearing cells resulting from long or sudden exposure to loud noises resulting in constant firing of brain cells. There is no known cure and existing treatments, at least those with some science behind them, are very expensive.

They have come up with an ipad