Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Clue from an Optometrist!

Went to see Dr Blackburn and got some interesting news.  The plot thickens

Of course, I pass the standardized battery of tests but the therapist noted that I work at it much harder than most people.

He did a bunch of optometric evaluations and started checking me with prisms.  After he finished putting in prisms, I brought up the fact that Dr. Seiderman had wanted to put me in yoked prisms.  He started to try some yoked prisms on me and they seemed to improve things.  I had some improvement in space but not a complete sense of 3 dimensions as I moved through his office suite.

Dr. Blackburn gave me a test on the visual midline.  I am a bit off as I try to follow a pointer with a ball on the end.

We are wondering if I have visual midline shift syndrome.   He is going to consult some colleagues.

I looked up visual midline shift syndrome and it has nothing to do with learning disabilities or adhd.  It is generally lumped in with a brain injury or a disease like multiple sclerosis or chronic fatigue syndrome.

I am wondering if I need to do some sort of brain rehab and not just vision therapy.  A neuropsychologist who deals with children just told me that she doesn't think that my problems are based on a  learning disorder but are more organic.
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