Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'm Not a MultiTasker!

Pottery Selection
Pottery Selection (Photo credit: violetknows)
Don't Bounce Me Around From Project to Project!  I just can't handle it!

I have been taking another ceramics class at the Earth Center and I have been cranking out pots both thrown on a wheel and hand built.  I got into this because my Occupational Therapist thinks that ceramics is great for developing motor skills and provides great tactile feedback.

Yesterday, My teacher had started me out on finishing my wheel thrown pots that I had started last time.   She showed me how to trim a pot using my crumpled up mistake of a pot from last time.   I had to wait a bit to trim my good pot because it was still a bit too wet even though it had been sitting for a week.

While we were waiting for it to dry, I finished glazing a flat dish and a casserole dish from another session.

My teacher was demonstrating another pot using a slab technique to another student and called me over to make another pot while I was waiting.  So I started on that pot.  But in the middle of that pot, she reminded me to go check my other pot.

I dropped what I was doing and found the pot to be bone dry. 

So, I sat at the wheel to trim the pot.

I picked up my needle tool and drew a blank.  Just couldn't remember the previous steps of the task.

Uh oh.  Memory problem.

So, I took a page out of asking for a small accommodation and made a joke out of it.  I said that I was a uni-tasker; not a multitasker.  And if the teacher would be so kind, as to repeat what she had just said about trimming pots. She understood and repeated.

I just have a problem following instructions that involve doing things.  Don't mean to be insensitive to other folks but I just can't be distracted.

I could never teach in a pottery workshop.  I could never keep track of what everyone is doing and what the next steps are and where the equipment is.

On another Note:

My studio is having a fundraiser for a kiln on Indiegogo.  Please support us by clicking on the link.  Even if you only like us or contribute a dollar that would be much appreciated.  Obviously, of course, if you are inclined to feel generous, we would be very grateful.   We would like to get as many supporters as soon as  possible because that will help the rankings on Indiegogo.   If a crush of people like the project, it will rise in the rankings.

The kiln will be in  a really cool place with a sculpture garden.  A variety of people from schools through professional potters will use this kiln.  Many thanks for your support.

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