Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sleep Study

Polysomnography (Photo credit: thejesse)
Just had my sleep study (polysomnography) and felt like I didn't sleep a wink throughout the night.

In 2009, my audiologist recommended a sleep study but it was low on my priorities so I didn't  get around to it until now. 

Sleep is very important and can affect a lot of cognitive activities so I do need to get it checked out.

Went to the sleep pavilion and got wired up with electrodes on my head, my chest, and arms and legs. They put a sensor on my finger, a nasal canulla up my nose to give me lots of Oxygen, and more sensors around my chest.  All of this turned out to be pretty annoying throughout the night for me but apparently some people can sleep with this gear.

The sleep study was more like work than rest as just rolling over on your side took a bit of logistics in terms of rearranging the wiring. 

I tried putting on my favorite sleep time music and tried meditating but didn't feel like I was really sleeping.  I drifted into some state where I felt conscious but dreamy but not my usual unconscious sleep.  I asked the tech in the middle of the night if I had slept at all and he said I did-- so I guess some of this state counted as sleep.  Tried and tried to go to sleep with minimal success until the wee hours of the morning and then I had to wake up again.

Went home to my very comfortable snuggy bed and slept for the rest of the morning.  Had a good nights sleep that night and feel much better now
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